Lenka Dvorak - IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist

I believe that when you are free of pain and all the energy it draws, you truly get to show up for your life.

I was born and raised in Czech Republic in a small town near the Austrian border. Although I love Europe and my home country very much, I am deeply grateful for my life in Canada during the past 34 years.

In my early education as a child I recall practising yoga and experiencing relief from pain as early as nine years old. A spine deficiency that would cause severe pain was relieved by the mindful stretching I learned from those classes! It was an amazing discovery. Two decades later with that foundation and my appreciation for the gifts of yoga I found my safe place on my mat with the help of a friend. My passion and dedication led me gratefully to my guru, Freadal Khattab who mentored me through my practice to uncover an endless potential for healing mind, body and spirit through yoga. I enthusiastically engaged in the lessons and completed my yoga certification in 2003. I began teaching with my guru’s blessing and continued to expand my practise both on and off my mat.

Through my own practice and work with students, I developed an awareness that although the physical exercise is beneficial to all bodies regardless of age and condition, it goes so much deeper. Yoga can be used as a tool to illuminate pain whether physical or emotional as both are of the body. This awareness led me out of the group classes and into yoga therapy to focus on connecting more directly with clients. I find my greatest inspiration when I am able to meet each individual client where they are and focus solutions for healing results. I am passionate about sharing wisdom on the power of mindfulness in combination with movement. Meditation is a key element in the healing aspect of yoga.

Yoga is a form of self love. When you can learn to love yourself and your body the result is healing. You literally renew your self from the inside out. In our work together we simply start where you are and take each step together to heal whatever aspects of yourself you choose. The possibilities are truly endless, this I know for sure.

~ I believe in you and would love to be your guide, Lenka ❤


  • 300 hours trained in Hatha Yoga, Shyam Goswami, Indra Devi, Ma Yoga Shakti and Okido Systems

  • Trained in asanas, purification, Shiatsu Massage and benefits of laughing yoga on Immune Systems

  • Specialized in Okido system with focus on therapeutic effects on migraine headaches and arthritis

  • 200 hours in RYT Certification

  • 60 hours certified training on Meditation

  • 37 hours on Restorative Yoga Training