Breast Reconstruction Therapy

Breathing, range of motion, and strengthening exercises, together with meditation and other forms of relaxation therapies can be invaluable during radiation therapy and other points of treatment where stress is likely to be the greatest. A yoga therapy program can be customized for breast reconstruction patients to improve stress and quality of sleep, as well as other factors of emotional wellbeing such as depression, anxiety, social and emotional functioning, and alternate DNA damage. 


There are many important factors to consider when determining the timing of a yoga program to assist the treatment of breast reconstruction patients. Due to yogas beneficial impact on stress, mood, and overall quality of life, it is important to begin Yoga therapy as early as as possible to maximize its benefits. 


Each therapy session is 90 minutes and designed for your specific condition. In some cases the therapy can be tailored in cooperation with your doctor.

Individual Session Fees

  • One on One Therapy Session $120

Group Session Fees

  • Two Person Therapy Session $60/person
  • Three Person Therapy Session $40/person